We provide project updates on our blog for community members, donors, and partners to learn about how the project is progressing. These updates will be a result of meeting outcomes surrounding building planning, fundraising, communications and programming initiatives for the new facility.  Project details and economic impact details can always be found here: https://elkhartcenter.com/ and click here to make inquiries about the project.



  • Continued to tie-in MEP overhead rough-ins in all areas

  • Poured pool deck of fitness and therapy pools and around hot tub

  • Set all wall panels on competition pool and aligned walls

  • Started installation of gutter on perimeter of competition pool

  • Completed remaining CMU walls in locker and laundry rooms

  • Continued to frame interior metal stud bulkheads in Units E, F, and G

  • Completed hanging drywall, mud, and taped drywall in Unit E

  • Continued installation of Z Girts, flashing, and siding around the building

  • Continued to install window frames and glazing around building

  • Continued spray foam insulation around building

  • Completed painting of exposed ceilings in units E, F, and G

  • Started installation of tile sand bed on unit A swimming pool deck

  • Installed both Unit F & H skylights

  • Continued framing and hanging drywall on soffits around the track

  • Installed structural members to support toilet partitions in Unit locker rooms

  • Installed basketball goals and divider curtain in Unit F & G gymnasium