Quarterly, we will be providing project updates on our blog for community members, donors, and partners to learn about how the project is progressing. These updates will be a result of meeting outcomes surrounding building planning, fundraising, communications and programming initiatives for the new facility.  Project details and economic impact details can always be found here: https://elkhartcenter.com/ and click here to make inquiries about the project.


  • Skillman and the design team are working to keep construction documents on schedule.
  • Site groundwork is repacked for foundations. 
  • The steel package is released and scheduled for production. Targeting for the steel package to arrive later in September with utilities and infrastructure development. 
  • Layout of storm water is complete.
  • Phase 2 bid package is under final value engineering for adjustments needed to eliminate overages.
  • Communications plan for events, announcements and membership presales are complete.
  • Facility Naming Team has developed list of potential names to be vetted in panel market research which will be open to the community for additional feedback.
  • Elkhart Rotary will be the ambassadors for the phase 3 public fundraising efforts. Events will occur in September and October along with other service organization.  The targeted amount to be raised is at least $250,000, which will be match by Kem Krest Corporation. Rotary events inviting the public to learn about the project will take place on the following dates and times.  RSVP is required.
    • 9/29,  7:30-9:00AM
    • 10/11, 5:00-6:30PM
    • 10/24, 12:00-1:30PM
  • Groundbreaking ceremony and event for lead donors will be scheduled for late September and early October. 
  • Target facility opening is February 2019.