Quarterly, we will be providing project updates on our blog for community members, donors, and partners to learn about how the project is progressing. These updates will be a result of meeting outcomes surrounding building planning, fundraising, communications and programming initiatives for the new facility.  Project details and economic impact details can always be found here: https://elkhartcenter.com/ and click here to make inquiries about the project.


  • The project received all variances by the City required for the site plan.
  • County Health Department approvals are complete.
  • Environmental scores all passed above 95%. 
  • Coal ash inspections have passed as not being hazardous. 
  • Earthwork is being complete to prepare the site for foundations.  Foundation work will start this week. 
  • Water retention materials to arrive this week. 
  • Core Design Committee are underway developing the primary interior finishes for bid preparation.
  • Construction documents and bids for phase 1 steel structure and foundations are complete after final review. Costs are approved by the Board. Addendum packages will be sent on an ongoing basis as they are reviewed. 
  • Phase 1 overall net overage is predicted to be only $500k and will be covered in the contingency. Other estimated foundation costs are under budget.
  • Groundbreaking event will occur late summer. We are approaching Rotary to be the ambassadors for the phase 3 public fundraising campaign.