Quarterly, we will be providing project updates on our blog for community members, donors, and partners to learn about how the project is progressing. These updates will be a result of meeting outcomes surrounding building planning, fundraising, communications and programming initiatives for the new facility.  Project details and economic impact details can always be found here: https://elkhartcenter.com/ and click here to make inquiries about the project.


  • The first commercial building is down.  The east side and back of EYCC building is down.
  • Still working on completing bid estimates and they are underbudget.  They are going to bid soon and project knowing the bid outcomes the second week of March.  The bid estimates did not touch any contingencies.  Project is tracking well until we get the market to respond. These structural bids will be the largest number.
  • Decided to set a decision threshold for anything over $100,000 to be presented to core team. 
  • Timeline: 
    • Demolitions will occur through March.
    • Bidding will be a three-week duration.
    • Mobilization will start by end of March for foundations – there is a lot of earth to be moved.
    • Late summer we project to have construction out of the ground.
  • In March there is hopes of completing the appropriation to the City Council for approval of a grant for $2MM.
  • Umbaugh is completing the City bond analysis for the River District project to determine best funding to complete all projects with no tax impact to the community.  Best options will be presented to City Council. 
  • Formal press ceonference will be in February.