Quarterly, we will be providing project updates on our blog for community members, donors, and partners to learn about how the project is progressing. These updates will be a result of meeting outcomes surrounding building planning, fundraising, communications and programming initiatives for the new facility.  Project details and economic impact details can always be found here: https://elkhartcenter.com/ and click here to make inquiries about the project.  


  • Demolition of smaller buildings surrounding the prior EYCC facility began right after Christmas.  It is anticipated that all construction site buildings will be demolished by end of March.
  • The City of Elkhart is working on approvals to assist with funding for the South parking lot for the facility.  A decision should be made within the first quarter of 2017.
  • Elkhart Community Schools are finalizing their lease agreement with the newly established LLC comprising of the Community Foundation of Elkhart County and Beacon Health System.  School board approval for the lease is projected for early 2017.
  • Early bid estimated were completed and were approximately $300,000 under budget.  Bids will be released for the structural aspects early 2017 which comprises of one-third of the overall construction budget.
  • It is projected that the official groundbreaking will occur very soon after the demolition is complete in March.
  • A formal press conference will occur soon after the school board approval of the lease - early 2017.  All partners will be present at the press conference which will be held at The Lerner Theater.