Frequently Asked Questions



When will the facility be open?

At this point, opening is projected for spring 2019.


Does this facility have a name?

Good question. A group of community representatives have worked to generate a number of good possibilities. We want to listen carefully to our stakeholders and plan to market-test potential names. What we do know is that the Beacon Health & Fitness area will be called Beacon Health & Fitness. What we don’t know yet is what we will call the overall building and/or the aquatics center. Stay tuned summer 2018 for an announcement.


What is the fee for becoming a member of Beacon Health and Fitness?

Beacon currently operates two other Health & Fitness locations, one in Mishawaka and another in downtown South Bend. All memberships are the same cost at all facilities and all memberships entitle you to visit any of the three locations.

Monthly Membership Fees*

•         Individual - $49

•         Couple - $79**

•         Family - $99***

One-Time Enrollment Fees

•         Individual - $129

•         Couple - $169**

•         Family - $189***

*Requires a one-year contract.

**Couple is any two individuals living at the same address.

***Family is any two individuals living at the same address and any of their dependent children ages 13-22.

Corporate membership programs will be available in the summer of 2018. Consumer pre-sales will begin in the fall of 2018, offering significant discounts and incentives on the enrollment fees.  


How can I find out more about what’s offered at Beacon Health and Fitness?

More details on babysitting, personal training, sports performance, and group classes can be found at their website


Is the building fully funded?

Almost! More than $68 million of building funding has been secured. The Community Foundation of Elkhart County is in the final phase of fundraising the last $1 million. To make a donation visit


If I make a personal contribution to the building project, do I get a discount on my membership?

First we would like to say thank you for investing in the health and well-being of Elkhart!  The answer is YES!, if you make a donation of at least $250, your enrollment fee will be waived. To donate visit


Is there a separate membership fee if I only want to use the pools?

Yes, there will be a separate aquatics membership. The details of the membership have not yet been determined. Learn to swim and other aquatics training will also be offered.


Will there be reduced fees for low-income families?

Beacon Health Systems will be running the facility and their rates will be the same for all of their facilities. The community commons space will be open to the public for no fee.  Also, there is one of the gymnasiums that may also have specific times for open public access.  The pool will also have open swim times for the public. Reduced fees for full membership of low-income families would need to be supplemented via a financially supported sponsorship program by either a corporation, foundation or not-for-profit organization, as Beacon has already reduced their rates system-wide to be comparable to the prior YMCA fees, including what will be much improved amenities.  We are working to see what these options can be in the future as we want everyone to have option to join the fitness area as well as the areas mentioned above.


What will the community space be used for?

The community gathering space is designed to welcome community members, as they enjoy the other features of the riverfront. It is designed to accommodate large crowds in attendance at amateur and high school regional aquatics competitions, and to support educational, civic and community programming.


Will this facility replace programming that was available at the YMCA?

While there may be programming that is the same or similar to the YMCA, especially in the area of swimming, the project was not designed to replace the YMCA. Community leaders worked to design a business model that would be sustainable over the long term, including a $10 million endowment that will contribute $500,000 annually to the operations of The Aquatics Center.


Will the Silver Sneakers program be offered?

 The Beacon Health & Fitness locations in South Bend and Mishawaka do not currently accept Silver Sneakers and there are no plans for the Elkhart facility to do so. Beacon's business model includes system-wide reduced membership rates (effective 2015) which have received overwhelming community response. These rates do not support being able to afford the projected minimum annual loss of $100,000 per facility to operate Silver Sneakers and related discounted programs. For those interested in finding a facility that does accept Silver Sneakers, many options in the community do exist.  We encourage you to explore an up-to-date list of those facilities by visiting


What kind of programming will be available?

The programming process is underway and details will be available closer to the opening of the center. One example of a unique program is a kitchen environment where kids and adults can learn more about cooking and nutrition.


Will the facility have the Parkinson's Climb program?

Yes!  All of the ‘Best Medicine’ programs, including the Parkinson’s Climb program will be offered in the Elkhart facility. 


What is the Best Medicine program?

Best Medicine programs are fitness programs for individuals transitioning from or managing a medical condition, or possibly needing additional support to improve their level of physical activity. Physician referrals are required, but the programs are included in the Beacon Health & Fitness membership. Examples include: Arthritis Fitness, Parkinson’s Fitness, Cancer Yoga, Neurological Aquatic Fitness, and more. For a complete list visit the Beacon Health & Fitness website at


When will jobs be posted to work at the facility?

Hiring for the Elkhart facility will begin in 2018 and Beacon Health and Fitness will be operating the facility and posting positions. Visit to see positions as they are available.


How can I keep up to date on the project?

If you would like to receive updates on the construction, special dates and program packages, we can keep you posted. Visit for questions.